Programmes and packages

There are tailor made programmes and packages available!

Whether you are recovering from injury, want to improve strength and endurance, or work on mobility and flexibility you can choose from from a range of options. Contact me to discuss a tailor made approach to your specific needs.

Online 1-2-1
  • This one to one online coaching course is ideal for anyone looking to explore Pilates. It is designed to be bespoke to each individual whether you are new and a complete beginner, to more intermediate or advanced practitioners. These online sessions are conducted at a convenient time in the comfort of your home with the added benefit of a qualified instructor on hand to ensure you are moving safely and effectively.
  • Initial online consultation to assess specific requirements and agree individual goals.
  • A bespoke programme tailored to your goals.
  • 4 x one to one session held online by a certified Pilates instructor.
  • Support material and resources to understand the fundamental Pilates principles and deepen your knowledge of specified exercises and movement.
  • £80
1-2-1 Tailored Plan
  • This tailored programme will focus on your specific needs with the advantage of hands on corrections and coaching. Through a detailed 1-2-1 consultation we will work to create a plan. Whether you are recovering from an injury or working on strength and mobility this option will ensure you receive a personalised approach.
  • 12 or 6 week tailored progressive programme.
  • Consultation including a postural assessment.
  • Personalised plan with agreed objectives and goals.
  • Progress reviews.
  • Classes can be at a Hertford based venue or at your home
  • £40 per hour
Small Groups
  • This smaller group environment means that you can still benefit from individual help and attention to develop your technique and alignment in a smaller class setting whilst working on strength and mobility.
  • Maximum number of 4 participants per class.
  • Classes can be at a Hertford based venue or at your home.
  • £40 per session.
Group Classes
  • Check out the weekly timetable for local classes.
  • Community Classes £51 for 6 week course or £10 drop in
Corporate Wellness at Work
  • Pilates is an excellent enhancement to corporate wellness initiatives. Work related stress is cited as one of the number one causes of mental health issues. 30.7 million working days are lost a year due to work-related ill health from stress from musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain and poor posture (Source:
  • My “Work Well Pilates” programme encourages employee wellness ensuring teams are in good physical and mental condition resulting in increased productivity.
  • Designed for all levels and abilities.
  • Sessions can range from 35-60 mins.
  • Can be incorporated during lunch break or pre/post work hours.
  • Can be done in the office or in a free space or meeting room.
  • A minimum of 6 sessions with no more than 12 participants per session.
  • Participants will need to wear comfortable clothes and provide their own mats.
Taster Session
  • Not sure if Pilates is for you? Contact me to arrange a 30 minute taster session.
  • £20