Is your lack of commitment holding you back?

Have you ever only half been in a room? What I mean by this is have you ever said you are going to do something and not really committed fully? Or thought that you were fully in the room and found yourself questioning whether it was the room for you? Have you ever left that room? The answer is most probably ‘yes’. The point I am making is that we’ve all done this; diets, fitness programmes, new projects and ventures, jobs, relationships.  But what would have made you stay?

New research out of The Ohio State University found that people tend to be more committed to their goals after they share them with someone who they see as “higher status,” or whose opinions they “respect”. This is probably most evident in the world of fitness. So many join gyms, start fitness programmes or buy equipment to work out at home only to find it is unsustainable. In recent weeks we have been inundated with hundreds of options to exercise at home in the wake of gym and studio closures. The appeal of exercising in the comfort of your home on your own for an hour sounds great in theory, however it can be much harder in practice when you are watching a live stream or pre-recorded workout. There are no shared goals and therefore no accountability.

So what can you do to stay on track? How can you become more accoutable to reach your fitness goals? For many people having a Personal Trainer or 1-2-1 Coach helps them to do both. But this option may not always be viable. In recent weeks and in the wake of technology many coaches and trainers have moved their 1-2-1 offering online.

Here is why you should perhaps consider the option of online 1-2-1 coaching?

  • Firstly, it is a lot easier to be motivated and be held accountable when you have someone watching you.  Committing to one to one coaching means that for an hour once or twice a week you are more likely to exercise without the excuses.
  • Secondly, Fitness is not one size fits all. Your programme will be tailored to your needs and goals to ensure you have something to work towards.
  • Thirdly, all too often one to one coaching can be expensive.  An online training package can offer you a more affordable option with all of the benefits.
  • Lastly, a dedicated coach can serve to enhance your training experience and online 1-2-1 coaching allows you to train with your preferred coach or trainer irrespective of where they are based with peace of mind.

With any goal there are only ever two options, you are either in or you are out. There is no space in between.

If you are looking to make a more sustainable change to your health and fitness, then contact me to arrange your first 1-2-1 low impact session.

Online Course

My Online Coaching Course is more than a workout you can do at home.

By the end of the course;

  • You will gain an in depth understanding of body alignment and become more aware of how the head, shoulders, spine, hips, knees and ankles relate and line up with each other. Implementing this alignment of the body puts less stress on the spine and helps you improve your posture and reduce potential discomfort in the body.
  • You will have established lifelong habits that you will continue to adopt in your day to day life moving in a safe and effective manner seeing greater joint mobility, improved balance and co-ordination, muscular strength and endurance as well as core strength.  Pilates has also been known to reduce stress and anxiety, build a stronger immune system and increase efficiency of respiratory and circulatory systems.
  • You will re-evaluate how you view fitness, health and wellness and be able to apply what you’ve learnt so that Pilates becomes a long-term commitment allowing you to feel empowered and energised.

For more details click here.

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