Why holistic classes are a great way to continue to workout and visit the gym during this time

Take care of your body and trust that it will keep you well ~Mariella Murray~

In the current emergance of COVID-19 and as people are seeking to distance themselves through self-isolation, many are deviating from their day to day social behaviour. Consequently many regular gym goers who seek escape from stress and anxiety through daily exercise are becoming increasingly concerned and avoiding their group exercise classes and gyms.

So as fears increase what should we be doing?

Our bodies are more incredible and more resilient than you might think. There has never been a more important time to listen to your body. Keep moving and rest in equal measure and appreciate what your body can do as it is designed to keep you safe.

In the challenging weeks ahead we continue to respond to government advice and as a fitness professional below are just some of the things that are in place to keep participants safe in the coming weeks.

  • I am encouraging all participants to wash or sanitise their hands before and after the class.
  • Space their mats at least a meter apart and sanitise their mats before and after use. Classes are reduced by 5mins to allow time for cleaning.
  • I am not using any manual adjustments and using verbal and visual cues to ensure people are moving safely and effectively.

Mat based classes like Pilates and Body Balance are great classes to do at the moment. These holistic classes are a great way to continue to workout during this time. They strengthens the body whilst working flexibility and mobility and encourage effective breathing techniques to aid the bodies respiratory system.  Through mindful movement and relaxation you will focus the mind leaving you feeling more centred and calm helping to alleviate anxiety. 

All my gym and private classes are scheduled to run as normal this week.

Stay safe and see you on the mat!

Photo Credit: Positive vibes and amazing energy all round this weekend from the amazing members at David Lloyd Hatfield .

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